Our Key Personnel

Jerry Gonzalez

In charge of Interior Spaces:

Jerry has had a very wide experience in the Interiors field. Early in his career, he joined Knoll International Planning Unit as director for the development of the Owens Corning Fiberglass Headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. He went on to be director of design for L. E. Seitz Associates. Inc. with projects such as the International Hotel in Freeport, G.B.I and numerous Holiday Inns in the United States. With Henry End Associates, he planned and developed the Hyatt Hotel in Brussels.
He also was responsible for the interiors of Port de Plaisance, Saint Maarten, N.A.

In 1972, Jerry became associated with our Firm in projects such as the Monterey Homes in Gainesville, Florida, the Villa Biscaya Adult Living Facility in North Miami, Florida, and other projects including the palace for King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz in the city of Al Hadda, Saudi Arabia.